Monalite® materials are "technical ceramics" manufactured from calcium silicate. Our most common type Monalite® M1A, is the lowest shrinkage calcium silicate product for aluminium casting.

Temperature: Up to 1000°C

Key Features: Formulated without the use of asbestos fibres, thermally insulating, non-wetting, fracture tough materials, low shrinkage characteristics*.

Applications: Aluminium casting operations and is also used in the furnace industry and other process industries.


Sheet Size (mm) Sheet Thickness (mm)
- 13 19 25 38 50 76
3000 x 1220 - - - * - -
1500 x 1220 * * * * * *

*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Note: For billet casting it is shrinkage that is the key characteristic for long life and minimal maintenance. We also offer a full Machining Service. Please contact us with your specific enquiry.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

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