Storz Coupling Gaskets

Storz Coupling Gaskets  


Storz coupling gaskets are available in nitrile and silicone, please select from the range of product codes outlined in the table below.


Lug Size (mm) Product Code (Nitrile) Product Code (Silicone)
31 SZG-31N SZG-31S
44 SZG-44N SZG-44S
52 SZG-52N SZG-52S
66 SZG-66N SZG-66S
81 SZG-81N SZG-81S
89 SZG-89N SZG-89S
105 SZG-105N SZG-105S
115 SZG-115N SZG-115S
133 SZG-133N SZG-133S
148 SZG-148N SZG-148S
159 SZG-159N SZG-159S
188 SZG-188N -
220 SZG-220N -
278 SZG-278N -

Note: Viton gaskets are also available upon request, please enquire.

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