The UK’s Sole Distributor of Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates

Intrepid Safety Gate

We are delighted to announce that PAR Group are now the UK’s one and only distributor of the world renowned ‘Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate’.

This new arrangement makes PAR the UK’s sole distributor of the only TÜV tested safety gate in the world!

The Intrepid self-closing range of safety gates are a must in applications that include elevated platforms, mezzanines or walkways in order to abide by health and safety regulations.

For this reason they are often applied by companies in the offshore, marine, power generation, food processing, water authorities and any other industry where working at height is prevalent.

Why Intrepid safety gates?

  • These gates meet many industrial standards such as EN ISO 14122 which requires a safety gate to be self-closing, non-corrosive and include a hand rail or knee rail.
  • Corrosion resistant, highly visible polyurethane the gate is manufactured from gives excellent impact resistance.
  • Cost effective in comparison to steel alternatives and more lightweight making installation simple and easy.
  • Very safe with their self-closing gravity mechanism eliminating the risk of accidental falls.

(Over 15% of all labour accidents in Europe are directly caused by people falling off a platform or ladder. Based on figures by Eurostat.)

For further information, specifications and availability please see our safety gate webpage. We also have a case study where you can see the Intrepid safety gate in action.

Many of the gates are stocked and ready to ship, meaning no lengthy lead times. To buy online visit our online shop now!