Case Study: Industrial Safety Gates

Industrial Safety Gate

Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates are designed to prevent accidental falls through guardrail openings, particularly in industrial environments. They are constructed from a highly visible, extremely durable polyurethane and have a unique horizontal swing, self-closing mechanism. The closing method relies solely on gravity ensuring the safety gate will always close once opened and no further action is required by the operator. Furthermore, the gates have no mechanical fixings such as springs, cams, bearings or latches, and as such leave little chance of fault or failure.


A UK based powder processing plant had a large number of gantries, walkways and platforms which were used by line technicians and engineers to inspect processing equipment. Access points had a mixture of manual sliding tubes, bars and chains to help prevent accidental falls. These caused safety concerns due to the reliance on users manually closing behind them. Spring loaded steel gates were trialled but were found to required regular maintenance due to wearing of springs and mechanical parts. Consequentially, requiring frequent inspections and costing time and money to maintain.

The Solution

PAR introduced the Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate as a solution for all access points on site and two gates were implemented for trial. They immediately found them to be incredibly safe due to the self-closing mechanism removing the onus on users to close the gates behind them. With various size options available along with either round tube or square tube fixing kits, the gates were easily retrofitted to existing openings. The lack of mechanical components also meant the gates were found to be virtually maintenance free, saving the customer both time and money. Following successful trial period, the Intrepid Self-Closing Safety Gate was installed at all access points.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from high visibility, corrosion resistant polyurethane.
  • High impact resistance, is ATEX proof and has a built in UV filter.
  • Always self-close and have a reliable and rigid construction.
  • Cost effective and easy to install.
  • Lightweight than steel counterparts.
  • Virtually maintenance free and operate without springs or mechanical components.

Common Industries

Industrial safety gates are a benefit to any company which has elevated platforms, mezzanines or walkways. This might include: 

  • Offshore, marine and power generation sites.
  • Food production factories.
  • Water treatment facilities.
  • Waste management and recycling sites.

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