Polyurethane Brick Grabs

Polyurethane Brick Grabs

Polyurethane Brick Grabs




Polyurethane brick grabs are manufactured from a clear durable polyurethane which encapsulates a soft polyurethane foam centre. They can also be supplied with a reinforcing perforated plate if required. We also supply polyurethane brick grabs without a foam layer which are also used for impact protection applications.

Key Features: Durable, lightweight and can reduce product damage. The soft foam centre helps to compensate for uneven loads. They also provide high noise and sound reduction.

Applications: Grabbing and transferring of brick and tiles.


Also available: Extruded rubber brick grabs.

Brick Grabs with Foam Layer

With perforated plate insert Without perforated plate insert  
With Perforated Plate Insert Without Perforated Plate Insert  


Polyurethane Foam Colours Foam Hardness** Foam Thickness (mm) Maximum Length (mm)* Maximum Width (mm)*
Green 1 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 1000 300
Blue 2 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 1000 300
Yellow 3 10 / 20 1000 300

*Note: All polyurethane brick grabs are manufactured to order and the maximum standard length is 1mtr. Other lengths can be manufactured upon request. Please state the length and width you require upon enquiry.

**Foam hardness is based on 1 being hardest, and 3 being softest.

Brick Grabs / Buffer Pads without Foam Layer

With red perforated plate insert With sheet steel base With heavy-load design plate insert
With Red Perforated Plate Insert With Sheet Steel Base With Heavy-load Design Plate Insert
With st. steel perforated plate insert    
With Stainless Steel Perforated Plate Insert    


Polyurethane Options Surface Hardness (Shore A) Maximum Length (mm)* Maximum Width (mm)*
Clear 75° 1000 300
Yellow 55° / 75° / 90° 1000 300

*Note: All polyurethane brick grabs are manufactured to order in maximum 1mtr lengths as standard. Longer lengths are available upon request. Please state the length and width you require upon enquiry.

Polyurethane Surface Finishes

Polyurethane brick grabs and buffer pads are available in a range of surface finishes. The smooth finish is suitable where there is no water or oil between the load and pad and is slip-resistant when dry. The ground surface is slightly roughened and is used when the pad comes into contact with fluids. The fabric surface is even rougher than the ground finish and is important if the pad is continuously coming into contact with water and oils. The roughness ensures a non-slip finish. Pyramid finish is commonly used for anti-slip protection on grabbers and flooring.

Smooth finish Ground finish Fabric finish
Smooth Finish Ground Finish Fabric finish
Pyramid finish    
Pyramid Finish    


Examples of our Polyurethane Brick Grabs

Polyurethane Brick Grab    
Polyurethane Brick Grab    

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