Polyurethane Mouldings & Castings

Polyurethane Mouldings and Castings

Polyurethane is dispensed into heated moulds, heat cured and then trimmed or machined to shape. This process suits both high and low volume production. Metal parts can be incorporated and flame retardant anti-static grades are available if required.


Scrapers, castors, washers, blocks, bumpers, capper rings, gaskets, impellers, seals and isolators.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -30°C to +80°C (+100°C short term. Higher temperature grades can be manufactured upon request).
  • Abrasion resistant.


Colours: A wide variety of colours are available.
Shore Hardness: 10°A up to 95°D.
Materials: Ethers, Esters, TDI, MDI, PPDI and Polycaprolactones.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Polyurethane Mouldings and Castings

Cutting Sticks
Polyurethane Cutting Sticks
Polyurethane Scrapers
Bespoke Mouldings
Bespoke Mouldings
Polyurethane Hammer
Star Wheel
Polyurethane Star Wheel
Screening Mat
Polyurethane Screening Mat
Screening Mat
Polyurethane Screening Mat - Profile
Star Wheel
Polyurethane Star Wheel
Wheel with Metal
Polyurethane Wheel with Metal
Soft Touch Wheel
Polyurethane Soft Touch Wheel
Polyurethane Buffers
Suction Cups
Polyurethane Suction Cup
Roller with Finish
Polyurethane Suction Cup
Polyurethane Cast To Acetal
Polyurethane Cast to Acetal 
Polyurethane Filter Cap 
Polyurethane Filter Cap