KLINGER Statite Gasket Paper

KLINGER Statite Gasket Paper  

KLINGER Statite gasket paper is based on cellulose fibre. Offering reliable sealing with resistance to petrol, oils, grease and water, the unique properties of this gasket paper have made it an extremely popular choice in the automotive industries. PAR Group can provide Klinger Statite gasket paper in full sheets, cut to size pieces and bespoke shapes using our in-house CNC technology. Sheets of KLINGER Statite gasket paper are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Popular in the automotive industry due to its excellent resistance to oils and fuels.

Key Features

  • Temperature: +100°C continuous, +100°C maximum.
  • Max Pressure: 8 bar.
  • Excellent resistance to oils and fuels.


Product Code Roll Length (mtrs)* Roll Width (mtrs)* Thickness (mm)
‌GASKP-1M-0.25 100 1.0 0.25
GASKP-1M-0.5 100 1.0 0.5
GASKP-1M-0.8 100 1.0 0.8
GASKP-1M-1 50 1.0 1
GASKP-1M-1.6 50 1.0 1.6
GASKP-1M-3.2 25 1.0 3.2

*Other roll sizes may be available.

Technical Specification: