TICO Adjustamounts

TICO Adjustamounts

TICO adjustamounts provide efficient precision mounting when accuracy of plant height, gradient or level is important. Swift screw adjustment makes them popular for mounting any freestanding equipment. This full mounting kit comprises a circular base plate with a resilient TICO S insert bonded in the recess underside, complete with a machine levelling stud and associated nuts and washers for immediate installation. TICO adjustamounts can be fitted with other grades of TICO inserts for special duties.


Plant or machinery needing a high degree of levelling for precision operation. Transfer systems or conveyors where accurate gradient is required. Free standing equipment needing a quick and economical mounting. Test beds and instruments, marking out tables, inspection benches etc where a reliable horizontal reference is essential. Any instance where time constraints prohibit installation by any other means.

Key Features

  • Accurate and rapid height adjustment and levelling.
  • Low profile for minimum additional height and will fit many existing levelling studs on plant machinery.
  • Virtually elimates floor damage and are available in a wide range to suit many applications and loads.
  • Takes very little set when compared to solid rubber adjustamounts, helping to avoid reshaping.


Also available: Stainless steel studs upon request, subject to lead times.

Base Ø 
Stud Size
Min Height*
(per box)
Max Load
JW61-2-2 65 M10 x 90 35.0 4 135
JW61-4-2 110 M12 x 140 44.5 4 450
JW61-4-4 110 M16 x 180 47.5 4 450
JW61-7-2 180 M16 x 180 54.0 2 1350
JW61-7-4 180 M20 x 190 57.0 2 1350
*Machine base-floor.

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