TICO Hi-Duty Textile Reinforced Pad

TICO Hi-Duty Anti-Vibration Material  

TICO hi-duty textile reinforced pads are manufactured in three different grades each with individual features. TICO RF/PA comprises plies of synthetic rubber proofed cotton with interplies of neoprene rubber, modified with cellular particles. TICO PF/PA comprises plies of synthetic rubber proofed cotton vulcanised together to produce a smooth finish. TICO FF/PA uses PF/PA material which is bonded to a layer of synthetic rubber modified with cellular particles. They have the strength and resilience to cushion massive impacts, absorb fierce shock loads, and attenuate severe vibration from heavy plant.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -40°C to +100°C (RF/PA) and -40°C to +80°C (PF/PA and FF/PA).
  • Max Load: 7 MN/m² (RF/PA) and 15.5 MN/m² (PF/PA and FF/PA).
  • Very tough and resilient and retains its properties under extreme conditions.
  • Capable of absorbing highly destructive shock loads without reducing efficiency.
  • Unaffected by dampness or environmental changes and helps prolong the life of machinery.
  • PF/PA grade is easy to custom mould.


Sheet Size* (mm): 1200 x 1200 1200 x 1200 1200 x 1200
Thickness (mm): 6, 12.5, 25 6, 12.5, 25 6, 12.5, 25
Technical Specification: