Nylon 12 Rod

Nylon 12 Rod

Nylon 12 rod is a clear polyamide providing good tensile strength, moderate mechanical properties and excellent resistance to chemicals. It has a tough, hard surface, is resistant to ultraviolet and has a UL 94 H-B flammability rating. Nylon 12 is also a good electrical insulator, offers high resistance to stress cracking and provides good resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

In comparison to other engineering polyamides, nylon 12 offers enhanced resistance to chemicals and provides lower moisture absorption than extruded grades of nylon 6 and 66. The transparency of nylon 12 makes it unique compared to other polyamides and it is commonly used in applications where optical clarity is required. Nylon 12, however, is not as strong as other engineering nylons and has a lower melting point. It is also worth noting that standard grades of cast nylon 6 will outperform nylon 12 in every aspect, with the exception of chemical resistance.

Nylon 12 rod is commonly manufactured into finished products such as bearing parts, sliding rails, gear wheels, pump parts, rollers, electric insulators and bespoke components. At PAR Group, we have the capability to machine nylon 12 utilising advanced 5 axis CNC machinery from CAD drawings or samples, for more information regarding the services we offer please see our plastic machining section. 


Commonly machined into sliding rails, impact plates, gear wheels, pump parts and wear components.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +80°C.
  • Good resistance to chemicals, oils and cleaning fluids.
  • Lower moisture absorption than extruded nylon 6 and 66.
  • High resistance to stress cracking.
  • Good impact strength.
  • Highly machinable.
  • UV resistant.


  • Offers a class UL 94 H-B flammability rating.


Also available: Cast and extruded nylon 6 rod and nylon 66 rod.

Rod Length (mm) Rod Diameter (mm)
- 40 80 100
3000 * * *
1000 * * *

 *Denotes manufactured size.

Technical Specification:

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