PSU (Polysulfone) Rod

PSU (Polysulfone) Rod

PSU (Polysulfone) rod, also referred to as polyaryl sulfones, is an amorphous, food approved thermoplastic that provides high dimensional stability and good mechanical strength. It offers excellent dielectric properties, is highly resistant to chemicals and has a class UL94 V-0 flammability rating; meaning the polymer will self-extinguish after removal of flame. Polysulfone rod also provides excellent resistance to radiation and can be used in repeated steam sterilization applications due to the materials resistance to hydrolysis. PSU is not UV stabilised and is sensitive to weathering; therefore, it should not be considered for external applications.

PSU rod is commonly used in applications where components are required to operate at higher temperatures and are permeable to microwaves. At PAR, we commonly machine polysulfone rod into parts that are used in humidifiers, steam cleaning applications and microwave ovens. For more information regarding the machining services we can provide please view our plastic machining section.


Commonly manufactured into microwave oven parts, blow-dryers, humidifiers, food industry, pump wheels, insulators and steam cleaning components for use in the medical sector.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -100°C up to +160°C.
  • Excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, radiation and hydrolysis.
  • Offers moderate resistance to stress cracking.
  • Self-extinguishing V-0.
  • Very good dimensional stability.
  • Excellent dielectric properties.
  • Can be used for hot steam sterilization.
  • Food approved.
  • High strength and rigidity.


  • Complies with FDA food regulation CFR 21, 177.1655 for articles or components of Polysulfone intended for use in contact with food
  • Offers a class UL94 V-0 flammability rating.


Rod Length (mm) Rod Diameter (mm)
- 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
3000 * * * * * * *
1000 * * * * * * *

*Denotes manufactured size.

Technical Specification:

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