Carp Brand Tufnol®

Carp brand Tufnol® is a cotton fabric based laminate. It is a top quality grade which is ideal for mechanical and electromechanical applications. We offer B10 as an alternative to carp brand Tufnol®.


It is often used for components which require intricate features and where accuracy and a fine machined finish is needed. Typical components include fine toothed gears, cams, seal retaining rings, actuating arms, insulating sleeves and bushes, components for use at cryogenic temperatures and insulation for low and medium voltages.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +120°C continuous, (+130°C intermittent).
  • Low water absorption.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Good electrical properties.
  • Excellent machining properties. 
  • Good wear resistance and strength.


Colour: Natural and black (sheet only).
Sheet Size (mm): 1200 x 1200, 1525 x 1200.
Sheet Thickness (mm): 0.4 up to 88.9.
Rod Length (mm): 1200 (3.2 up to 120.6 diameter), 584 (104.8 up to 152.4 diameter).
Rod Diameter (mm): 3.2 up to 152.4.

Note: Rods may be machined from sheet rather than moulded. Minimum order quantities may apply. We can also supply tubular section, hexagonal bar and rectangular bar.

Technical Specification:

Alternative Product - B10 Phenolic Cotton Based Laminate

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