PTFE Sheet - Bronze Filled

PTFE Sheet - Stainless Steel Filled

Bronze filled PTFE sheet provides enhanced mechanical properties, dimensional stability and thermal conductivity compared to standard grades of PTFE. The polymer offers a broad operating temperature and low cold creep, but provides the weakest resistance to chemicals of any of the PTFE grades available due to the filler. It is comprised of 60% Virgin PTFE and 40% bronze powder, which helps to create a material that provides resistance to wear under high compressive loads and dissipate static and heat build-up when in application.

In comparison to other compounds within the range, the bronze filled option is one of the densest grades of PTFE available with a specific gravity of 3.14 g/cm³. It provides similar kinetic coefficient of friction to the glass and stainless steel options and offers very low deformation under load, making it ideal for use as an unlubricated bearing.

At PAR, we have the capability to convert bronze filled PTFE sheet into finished products such as gaskets, piston rings and high performance slide plates utilising in-house CNC machinery. The polymer is primarily used in alternating, oscillating and helical movements where resistance to chemicals is not important. For more information regarding the services we can provide, please visit our plastic machining section.


High performance shaft bearings, slide plates and gaskets. Bronze PTFE is also commonly manufactured into bearing, piston and wear rings.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -200°C up to +260°C.
  • Excellent resistance to low and high temperatures.
  • Inferior chemical resistance to other grades of PTFE (it can be attacked by acids and alkali metals).
  • Provides enhanced mechanical properties and dimensional stability.
  • Helps to dissipate static build up (volume resistivity of 106 Ohms)
  • Very good sliding and non-stick properties.
  • Very low coefficient of friction.
  • Provides good thermal conductivity.


Please note: Long lead times may apply.

Due to the nature of PTFE and the manufacturing process, sheets less than 6mm thick may not be flat in appearance. Thicker sheets are generally moulded which can help to ensure a flat appearance. Tolerance on thickness for PTFE is ± 5% overall, or ± 1mm or ±2mm (whichever is the greater). Other sheet sizes and thicknesses may also be available, please enquire.

Technical Specification: