PTFE Sheet - Glass Filled

PTFE Sheet - Glass Filled

Glass filled PTFE sheet provides enhanced resistance to creep and wear in comparison to Virgin PTFE. It is manufactured with a 25% glass fibre filler that improves the dimensional stability of the polymer and helps to slightly reduce deformation under load. Glass filled PTFE also provides outstanding resistance to chemicals, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and some alkali metals, and is an excellent electrical insulator. It is also worth noting that the material provides improved resistance to kinetic coefficient of friction, but has a higher deformation under load when compared to carbon filled PTFE.

The polymer is primarily used in applications where increased resistance to attrition and enhanced material strength is required. Glass filled PTFE is primarily manufactured into valve seats, gaskets, pump housings, shaft seals and bearings that work at low PV (pressure / velocity) values. At PAR, we have the capability to machine using CNC machinery to your requirements from either drawings or existing samples. For more information regarding the services we provide, please visit our plastic machining section.

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Pump housings, valve seats, gaskets, shaft bearings, filter housings, shaft seals, slide runners, pump and instrument components, electrical insulators, gaskets, seals and washers.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -260°C up to +260°C.
  • Chemically inert (with the exception of elemental alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperatures and pressures).
  • Improved dimensional stability and resistance to creep/wear compared to standard PTFE.
  • Outstanding resistance to low and high temperatures.
  • Very good electrical insulation properties.
  • Provides very low moisture absorption.


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Note: Due to the nature of PTFE and the manufacturing process, sheets less than 6mm thick may not be flat in appearance. Thicker sheets are generally moulded which can help to ensure a flat appearance. Other sheet sizes and thicknesses may be available, please enquire.

Technical Specification: