B36 Epoxy Glass Laminate

B36 Epoxy Glass Laminate

B36 epoxy glass laminate is a high strength, superior grade epoxy glass laminate which is Class F insulation rated. Its superior electrical and mechanical properties make it suitable for components in small motors, turbo-alternators and many other electrical applications. This material is supplied as a direct alternative to genuine TUFNOL® 10G42.

As with other rigid laminates and engineering plastics, B36 can be converted into insulating, high operating temperature parts using traditional machining methods. This includes our in-house facilities such as CNC milling, routing, turning and drilling. For additional information along with examples of our work, please visit our machining service page.

B36 is manufactured to BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-2-EPGC201 & 203.


Insulation bars, spacers, bag sealing, high frequency insulation, high voltage insulation, precision machined parts, thermal splash barriers, welding jigs, terminal boards, tag strips.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +155°C continuous (+165°C intermittent).
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Easy to machine into bespoke components.
  • Good dimensional stability.


  • BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-2-EPGC201 & 203.
  • BS 3953 Standard: EP3 & EP5 (since superseded by BS EN 60893).
  • Closest Nema Standard equivalent: Nema G11.


Body Colour: Pale Green.
Cover Colour: Pale Green.
Sheet Finish: Satin/Glossy
Sheet Size (mm): 1220 x 1220.
Sheet Thickness (mm): 0.4 up to 100.

Note: B36 epoxy glass laminate is limited in its availability. It is only available in large quantities and is therefore subject to minimum order quantities. B48 epoxy glass laminate is much preferred to B36 as it has improved mechanical properties at high temperatures and is more readily available. B48 is B36 which has been post-cured.

Technical Specification:

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