G10 Epoxy Glass Laminate

G10 Epoxy Glass Laminate

G10 epoxy glass laminate has similar properties to B46 epoxy without the additional modified resin system which gives B46 it's improved machinability. Similarly to B46, G10 is used for its good all round characteristics in mechanical strength and electrical resistance and is typically used as a cost effective alternative to more expensive, higher specification grades. This material is supplied as a direct alternative to genuine TUFNOL® 10G40.

As with all industrial laminate materials, G10's rigidity makes it easy to machine using traditional machining methods associated with plastic or metal materials. We can manufacture bespoke components to your requirements using our own in-house CNC facilities, including milling, turning, sawing, drilling and routing. You will find more information along with examples of out work on our machining service page.

G10 is manufactured to BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-2-EPGC201.


Precision machined components such as terminal boards, tag strips, transformer spacers, slot wedges, phase barriers, chemically resistant parts and electro-mechanical parts.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +120°C continuous (+130°C intermittent).
  • Good mechanical and electrical characteristics.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • High strength.


  • BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-2-EPGC201.
  • BS 3953 Standard: EP3 (since superseded by BS EN 60893).
  • Closest Nema Standard equivalent: Nema G10.
  • Closest MIL Specification: MIL-I-24768/2.


Body Colour: Green.
Cover Colour: Green.
Sheet Finish: Satin/Glossy.
Sheet Size (mm): 1220 x 1220.
Sheet Thickness (mm): 0.4 up to 100.
Technical Specification:

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