Standard Flange Table Gaskets on PAR Direct

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We are pleased to share some exciting news with you!

Using our in-house CNC gasket cutting technology and our expertise in producing flange gaskets of various sizes according to standard tables, we are able to offer these for your convenience on PAR Direct

We provide an extensive range of readily available sheet materials, precision-cut to meet specific application needs.

Currently, our offering includes standard flange gaskets made from the following materials:

  • EPDM Rubber Sheeting - WRAS/WRAc Approved
  • C4324

  • C4324 material performs well under high pressure and elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable sealing and preventing gas leakage.
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  • C4400 Klingersil Standard Flange Gasket
  • C4400

  • The C4400 material provides excellent resistance to oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons and features an anti-stick finish on both sides. 
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  • Commerical Rubber Standard Flange Gasket
  • Commercial Rubber

  • Typically used in general-purpose sealing applications when a low-specification rubber gasket is required. 
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  • EPDM Rubber Standard Flange Gasket
  • EPDM

  • EPDM gaskets offer a watertight surface, excellent abrasion resistance and compatibility with most alkaline, ketones, and diluted acids. Due to this, it is commonly used in external applications.
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  • White FQ Standard Flange Gasket
  • Natural Rubber

  • This material meets FDA and EC food approval regulations, making it suitable for use with alcohols, moderate chemicals, ketones, and both wet and dry organic acids.
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  • Neoprene Rubber Standard Flange Gasket
  • Neoprene

  • Neoprene is resistant to abrasion, ozone, ageing, and weathering, which allows it to be used with animal fats, vegetable oils, and inorganic salts. Due to this, it is commonly used in external applications.
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  • Nitrile Rubber Standard Flange Gasket
  • Nitrile

  • Nitrile rubber gaskets are renowned for exceptional resistance to petroleum-based fluids, greases, and oils. Commonly used in sealing applications within the automotive or aeronautical.
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  • PTFE Standard Flange Gasket
  • PTFE

  • The gaskets offer outstanding chemical resistance and excellent dielectric properties. They are FDA compliant making them widely favoured in the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industries.
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  • Viton Rubber Standard Flange Gasket
  • Viton

  • Viton® rubber gaskets are made from a high-performance fluoroelastomer and offer outstanding resistance to petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, organic solvents, and mineral acids.
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To ensure your projects meet both safety and performance standards, explore our selection to find the right solution for your needs and make your purchase using the 'BUY ONLINE' button below.