Rubber Cord

Rubber Cord


Rubber cord is commonly used in sealing applications where the exact size moulded o-ring is not available. Our standard range are manufactured from neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, Viton® and silicone rubber. The following table shows our most common materials and sizes. Other materials, sizes and vulcanised endless rings can also be supplied as required. Please contact our sales office for more information.


Also available: We also have a wide range of silicone rubber cord, including silicone rubber cord - metal detectable.

Length (mtrs): Various depending on diameter.
(Black 70°)
(Black 70°)
White 60°)
(Black 60°)
(Black 75°)
1.6 RCNI70B-1.6 RCEP70B-1.6 RCNE60W-1.6* RCNE60B-1.6* RCVI75B-1.6
1.78 RCNI70B-1.78 RCEP70B-1.78 RCNE60W-1.78* RCNE60B-1.78* RCVI75B-1.78
2.00 RCNI70B-2 RCEP70B-2 RCNE60W-2* RCNE60B-2* RCVI75B-2
2.40 RCNI70B-2.4 RCEP70B-2.4* RCNE60W-2.4* RCNE60B-2.4* RCVI75B-2.4
2.50 RCNI70B-2.5 RCEP70B-2.5* RCNE60W-2.5* RCNE60B-2.5* RCVI75B-2.5
2.62 RCNI70B-2.62 RCEP70B-2.62 RCNE60W-2.62* RCNE60B-2.62* RCVI75B-2.62
3.00 RCNI70B-3 RCEP70B-3 RCNE60W-3 RCNE60B-3 RCVI75B-3
3.53 RCNI70B-3.53 RCEP70B-3.53 RCNE60W-3.53 RCNE60B-3.53 RCVI75B-3.53
4.00 RCNI70B-4 RCEP70B-4 RCNE60W-4 RCNE60B-4 RCVI75B-4
4.50 RCNI70B-4.5 RCEP70B-4.5* RCNE60W-4.5* RCNE60B-4.5* RCVI75B-4.5
5.00 RCNI70B-5 RCEP70B-5 RCNE60W-5 RCNE60B-5 RCVI75B-5
5.34 RCNI70B-5.34 RCEP70B-5.34 RCNE60W-5.34* RCNE60B-5.34* RCVI75B-5.34
5.70 RCNI70B-5.7 RCEP70B-5.7 RCNE60W-5.7* RCNE60B-5.7* RCVI75B-5.7
6.00 RCNI70B-6 RCEP70B-6 RCNE60W-6 RCNE60B-6 RCVI75B-6
6.35 RCNI70B-6.35 RCEP70B-6.35 RCNE60W-6.35* RCNE60B-6.35* RCVI75B-6.35
6.50 RCNI70B-6.5* RCEP70B-6.5* RCNE60W-6.5* RCNE60B-6.5* RCVI75B-6.5
7.00 RCNI70B-7 RCEP70B-7 RCNE60W-7 RCNE60B-7 RCVI75B-7
7.50 RCNI70B-7.5 RCEP70B-7.5* RCNE60W-7.5* RCNE60B-7.5* RCVI75B-7.5
8.00 RCNI70B-8 RCEP70B-8 RCNE60W-8 RCNE60B-8 RCVI75B-8
8.40 RCNI70B-8.4 RCEP70B-8.4 RCNE60W-8.4* RCNE60B-8.4* RCVI75B-8.4
9.00 RCNI70B-9 RCEP70B-9* RCNE60W-9 RCNE60B-9 RCVI75B-9
9.50 RCNI70B-9.5 RCEP70B-9.5* RCNE60W-9.5* RCNE60B-9.5* RCVI75B-9.5
10.00 RCNI70B-10 RCEP70B-10 RCNE60W-10 RCNE60B-10 RCVI75B-10
11.00 RCNI70B-11 RCEP70B-11 RCNE60W-11* RCNE60B-11* RCVI75B-11
12.00 RCNI70B-12 RCEP70B-12 RCNE60W-12 RCNE60B-12 RCVI75B-12
13.00 RCNI70B-13 RCEP70B-13* RCNE60W-13* RCNE60B-13* RCVI75B-13
14.00 RCNI70B-14 RCEP70B-14 RCNE60W-14* RCNE60B-14* RCVI75B-14*
15.00 RCNI70B-15 RCEP70B-15 RCNE60W-15* RCNE60B-15* RCVI75B-15*
16.00 RCNI70B-16 RCEP70B-16 RCNE60W-16* RCNE60B-16* RCVI75B-16*
18.00 RCNI70B-18 RCEP70B-18* RCNE60W-18* RCNE60B-18* RCVI75B-18*
20.00 RCNI70B-20 RCEP70B-20 RCNE60W-20* RCNE60B-20* RCVI75B-20*
22.00 RCNI70B-22 RCEP70B-22* RCNE60W-22* RCNE60B-22* RCVI75B-22*
25.00 RCNI70B-25 RCEP70B-25* RCNE60W-25 RCNE60B-25 RCVI75B-25*
30.00 RCNI70B-30 RCEP70B-30* RCNE60W-30 RCNE60B-30 RCVI75B-30*
32.00 RCNI70B-32 RCEP70B-32* RCNE60W-32* RCNE60B-32* RCVI75B-32*
40.00 RCNI70B-40 RCEP70B-40* RCNE60W-40* RCNE60B-40* RCVI75B-40*

*Denotes non-standard size, manufactured to order.

TOur white neoprene is off white in colour.

Note: Please quote our product code on enquiry.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet - Nitrile

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