Neoprene Sponge Cord

Neoprene Sponge Cord

Neoprene sponge cord is manufactured from a high quality closed cell sponge rubber that is easily compressed and manipulated. This general purpose, flexible, expanded rubber cord offers good resistance to water, ozone and weathering and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sealing applications.

With a recommended operating temperature of -40°C up to +90°C, the closed cell formation of neoprene sponge is designed to prevent the escape of gas, liquid and air. It is supplied in coils or cut lengths and can be bonded to create an O-ring using cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue). 

Neoprene sponge cord is available to purchase online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above in a range of diameters. If you require a size that isn't available for online purchase, please click the 'enquire now' button at the top of the page stating our product code and the amount required.


Sealing solutions in marine, construction and general engineering applications. It is also commonly used as an alternative to foam backer rod.

Key Features of Neoprene Sponge Cord

  • Density: 150-190 kg/m³.
  • Temperature: -40°C up to +90°C.
  • High pliability and compressibility.
  • Good resistance to water, ozone and weathering.
  • Closed cell formation to prevent the escape of air, dust, gas and liquids.
  • Free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC).


Also available: Natural, Sorbo and Viton®. Other sizes are available upon request.

Product Code

Diameter (mm) Coil Length (mtrs)
SCNE-2 2 1500
SCNE-2.5 2.5 1500
SCNE-3 3 750
SCNE-4 4 500
SCNE-5 5 300
SCNE-5.5 5.5 500
SCNE-6 6 200
SCNE-7 7 200
SCNE-8 8 200
SCNE-9.5 9.5 200
SCNE-10 10 100
SCNE-12 12 50
SCNE-16 16 50
SCNE-19 19 25
SCNE-25 25 25

Technical Specification:

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