Viton® Rubber Cord

Nitrile Rubber Cord

Viton® 'A' rubber cord (FKM) is a high performing flouroelastomer that is primarily used in sealing applications in the automotive, aeronautical, gas and petrochemical industries. It provides the highest operational temperature of any of the elastomers in our range and offers exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals such as mineral acids, hydrocarbons and organic solvents. The material also displays good resistance to abrasion and performs well against environmental factors such as ozone, oxidation and weathering. Viton® is, however, not suitable for use in applications involving organic acids or ketones.

Viton® cord can be bonded using cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) to form an effective O-ring and is available in a wide range of standard diameters. To enquire, please click the 'enquire now' button above stating our product code and the quantity that you require.

Key Features

  • Shore Hardness: 75 ± 5°.
  • Temperature: -20°C up to +275°C.
  • Commonly used in demanding sealing applications.
  • Provides exceptional resistance to chemicals.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures.
  • Highly resistant to weathering and ozone.


 Also available: O-rings manufactured from Viton® 'A' rubber are available in a wide range of standard sizes.

 Length (mtrs):  Various, depending on diameter.
(Black 75°)
1.6 RCVI75B-1.6
1.78 RCVI75B-1.78
2.00 RCVI75B-2
2.40 RCVI75B-2.4
2.50 RCVI75B-2.5
2.62 RCVI75B-2.62
3.00 RCVI75B-3
3.53 RCVI75B-3.53
4.00 RCVI75B-4
4.50 RCVI75B-4.5
5.00 RCVI75B-5
5.34 RCVI75B-5.34
5.70 RCVI75B-5.7
6.00 RCVI75B-6
6.35 RCVI75B-6.35
6.50 RCVI75B-6.5
7.00 RCVI75B-7
7.50 RCVI75B-7.5
8.00 RCVI75B-8
8.40 RCVI75B-8.4
9.00 RCVI75B-9
9.50 RCVI75B-9.5
10.00 RCVI75B-10
11.00 RCVI75B-11
12.00 RCVI75B-12
13.00 RCVI75B-13
14.00 RCVI75B-14*
15.00 RCVI75B-15*
16.00 RCVI75B-16*
18.00 RCVI75B-18*
20.00 RCVI75B-20*
22.00 RCVI75B-22*
25.00 RCVI75B-25*
30.00 RCVI75B-30*
32.00 RCVI75B-32*
40.00 RCVI75B-40*

*Denotes non-standard size, manufactured to order. 

Technical Specification:

Viton® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company.

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