Neoprene Rubber Cord

Neoprene Rubber Cord

Neoprene rubber cord (CR) is a synthetic elastomer manufactured from the polymerisation of chloroprene. It offers excellent resistance to degradation due to the materials performance against abrasion, oxidation, ozone and weathering. The elastomer also provides high tensile strength, good impermeability to gas and offers moderate resistance to chemicals such as animal fats, inorganic salts, oils and mild acids.

Due to its characteristics, neoprene rubber cord is commonly used in external sealing applications and can be bonded with cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) to form an effective O-ring. We also supply a closed cell neoprene sponge cord that provides enhanced compressibility and pliability. To enquire, please click the 'enquire now' button above stating our product code and the quantity you require. 

 Key Features

  • Shore hardness: 70 ± 5° (black), 60° ± 5° (white).
  • Temperature: -35°C up to +110°C.
  • Provides excellent resistance to weathering and ozone.
  • High tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.
  • Good longevity.


Also available: O-rings manufactured from Neoprene rubber are available in a wide range of standard sizes.

 Length (mtrs):  Various, depending on diameter.
Diameter (mm) Neoprene (Black 70°) Neoprene (White60°)
1.6 RCNE70B-1.6* RCNE60W-1.6*
1.78 RCNE70B-1.78* RCNE60W-1.78*
2.00 RCNE70B-2* RCNE60W-2*
2.40 RCNE70B-2.4* RCNE60W-2.4*
2.50 RCNE70B-2.5* RCNE60W-2.5*
2.62 RCNE70B-2.62* RCNE60W-2.62*
3.00 RCNE70B-3 RCNE60W-3
3.53 RCNE70B-3.53 RCNE60W-3.53
4.00 RCNE70B-4 RCNE60W-4
4.50 RCNE70B-4.5* RCNE60W-4.5*
5.00 RCNE70B-5 RCNE60W-5
5.34 RCNE70B-5.34* RCNE60W-5.34*
5.70 RCNE70B-5.7* RCNE60W-5.7*
6.00 RCNE70B-6 RCNE60W-6
6.35 RCNE70B-6.35* RCNE60W-6.35*
6.50 RCNE70B-6.5* RCNE60W-6.5*
7.00 RCNE70B-7 RCNE60W-7
7.50 RCNE70B-7.5* RCNE60W-7.5*
8.00 RCNE70B-8 RCNE60W-8
8.40 RCNE70B-8.4* RCNE60W-8.4*
9.00 RCNE70B-9 RCNE60W-9
9.50 RCNE70B-9.5* RCNE60W-9.5*
10.00 RCNE70B-10 RCNE60W-10
11.00 RCNE70B-11* RCNE60W-11*
12.00 RCNE70B-12 RCNE60W-12
13.00 RCNE70B-13* RCNE60W-13*
14.00 RCNE70B-14* RCNE60W-14*
15.00 RCNE70B-15* RCNE60W-15*
16.00 RCNE70B-16* RCNE60W-16*
18.00 RCNE70B-18* RCNE60W-18*
20.00 RCNE70B-20* RCNE60W-20*
22.00 RCNE70B-22* RCNE60W-22*
25.00 RCNE70B-25 RCNE60W-25
30.00 RCNE70B-30 RCNE60W-30
32.00 RCNE70B-32* RCNE60W-32*
40.00 RCNE70B-40* RCNE60W-40*

*Denotes non-standard size, manufactured to order.

TOur white neoprene is off white in colour.

Technical Specification:

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