PVC Coated Polyester - Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant PVC Coated Polyester (red)  Flame Retardant PVC Coated Polyester (blue)

PVC coated polyester - flame retardant is a tough, flexible material that provides good abrasion, weathering and ozone resistance. This grade of PVC polyester is flame retardant and meets the requirements of BS7837:1996, which assesses the flammability performance of textiles used in the construction of marquees and structures.

Flame retardant PVC polyester is generally used for tarpaulin and cover applications where a flame retardant material is required.

Provided with a matt finish, this versatile material can also be fabricated into a wide range of sealed, welded and stitched products such as washdown covers, sleeves, chutes, bellows amongst many more. 

Our range of flame retardant PVC coated polyester is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the button above.

Key Features

  • Strong and flexible material.
  • Good resistance to weathering.
  • Easily cut, stitched and welded.
  • Matt finish as standard.


  • Meets BS7837:1996 in flammability tests.


Please note: Our 610gsm flame retardant PVC coated polyester is subject to a minimum order quantity of 50 linear metres.

Product Code Roll Width (mtrs) Thickness (mm) Colour
PN610BE-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Blue
PN610BE-2.05M-FR 2.05 0.47 (nominal) Blue
PN610R-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Red
PN610Y-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Yellow
PN610BK-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Black
PN610BK-2.05M-FR 2.05 0.47 (nominal) Black
PN610GN-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Dark Olive Green
PN610OG-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Bright Olive Green
PN610GY-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) Grey
PN610W-1.5M-FR 1.5 0.47 (nominal) White
PN610W-2.05M-FR 2.05 0.47 (nominal) White

Technical Specification: