PVC Coated Polyester - Potable Water

PW1100 - PVC Coated Polyester - Potable Water

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PVC coated polyester - potable water fabric is suitable for products which come into contact with potable drinking water. PAR group have the capability to fabricate a wide range of sealed, welded and stitched products using PW1100-2.65M PVC coated polyester, including water storage tanks and containers. Velcro, elastic and eyelets can be incorporated if required by the application.

Applications: Water storage tanks and flexible containers for drinking water applications.


Part Number: PW1100-2.65M
Colour: Beige
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 2.65
Thickness (mm): 0.92
Weight: 1100 g/m²

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet