PVC Coated Polyester - Potable Water

PW1100 - PVC Coated Polyester - Potable Water  

PVC coated polyester - potable water fabric is suitable for products which come into contact with potable drinking water. PAR group have the capability to fabricate a wide range of sealed, welded and stitched products using PW1100-2.65M PVC coated polyester, including water storage tanks and containers. Velcro, elastic and eyelets can be incorporated if required by the application. PVC Coated polyester is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Water storage tanks and flexible containers for drinking water applications.


Part Number: PW1100-2.65M
Colour: Beige
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 2.65
Thickness (mm): 0.92
Weight: 1100 g/m²