Case Study: Bell Mounts

Bell Mounts for the Water Authorities

PAR Group are one of the UK’s foremost plastic machining companies and machine engineering plastic components using advanced CNC technology. We have the capability to manufacture parts from simple to highly complex shapes.


The site had some existing steel bell mounts on a Purac tank which had been on site since 1994 and required replacing. Our contact on-site was having difficulty identifying the previous supplier due to the length of time between replacements. They were also having difficulty adjusting the steel mounts due to their weight as the operators had to turn them at arms length, reducing the amount of leverage they had. The site contacted PAR after an alternative supplier was unsuccessful in reproducing the parts.

The Solution

By taking a sample of each part of the original bell mount, we were able to measure and draw up the exact shape using our in-house CAD software. The male and female threads were then machined at our Manchester branch using our 5-axis CNC technology. The lugs and lip were fabricated and welded to the parts at our Preston branch. Rubber cord was added to the male thread on the top half to act as a seal. Our plastic units were considerably lighter than the steel versions, making them easier for the operator to adjust. A one-off unit was supplied to site for trial and approval. Several more units were subsequently ordered as the replacements proved successful.

Key Features

  • Bespoke manufactured as required.
  • Manufactured wholly in-house.
  • CAD drawings taken for ease of re-order.
  • Successfully replicated OEM parts.

Common Industries

Water authorities.


Old Bell Mounts In-Situ
Bell Mounts Before
PVC Replacement Bell Mounts
PVC Bell Mounts After

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