Case Study: Metal Detectable TPU Roller Sleeves

Metal Detectable TPU Roller Sleeves

Metal detectable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) roller sleeves are designed to fully cover sponge or foam rollers, helping to improve food safety on production lines by reducing the risk of product contamination. The TPU material provides good flexibility, excellent resistance to wear and helps ensure the soft nature of the sponge or foam roller is preserved once encapsulated. It is also FDA approved and contains additives that are visible to the majority of metal detection scanning devices.


A UK based snack food manufacturer had an issue on their production lines where exposed foam rollers were slowly breaking apart during application, causing product contamination. This resulted in a loss of time and money for the manufacturer due to stopping machinery, seeking out the affected product and then disposing of it all.

The Solution

PAR took one the defective rollers and developed a sleeve made from metal detectable TPU to fully cover the foam roller. Once covered, the roller was transformed into an extremely durable food quality roller, with the added feature of being metal detectable. The TPU material's excellent flexible qualities helped to preserve the foam's soft density, making the newly covered roller still fit for the client's application. After a successful trial period, all the remaining exposed foam rollers on the production lines were fitted with metal detectable TPU roller sleeves. PAR manufactured the roller sleeves fully in-house using our CNC cutting machinery and welding expertise to create a bespoke fitted product with fully sealed joins.

Key Features

  • Durable and extremely flexible.
  • Abrasion resistant with excellent tear strength.
  • Reduces the risk of product contamination.
  • FDA and EC approved for food contact applications.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Highly visible blue colour.

Common Industries

Food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and production lines.


Uncovered Foam Roller Before
Foam Roller Before
Foam Roller with TPU Roller Sleeve
Foam Roller After

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