Case Study: Weir Flowswitch

Weir Flowswitch

Plastic fabrication is the process by which plastic sheet material is formed, folded, welded or bonded in the manufacture of bespoke plastic parts. PAR Group offer a comprehensive plastic fabrication service using a wide range of in-house manufacturing facilities. We can fabricate in a wide range of plastic materials including PETG, polycarbonate, acrylic (Perspex®), PVC and polypropylene.


The engineers on-site had some old weir float flowswitches which needed replacing. They had been in-situ for some time and the engineers were unsure as to who had previously supplied them. The site contacted PAR in order to replicate the overall design, as well as incorporate several design improvements.

The Solution

A PAR representative was able to visit site, take details of the original sample and discuss the required improvements with the engineers. The units needed to be water tight which we achieved using our in-house welding facilities. The engineers also requested that we incorporate a removable divider to allow easier access when cleaning the unit. We achieved this by routing channels to each side of the box allowing a divider to slide in and remain water tight. The height of the float was also adjusted to improve functionality. PAR were able to replicate the quality of the OEM part while working with the engineers to make all requested design improvements.

Key Features

  • Manufactured wholly in-house.
  • CAD drawings taken for ease of re-order.
  • Successfully replicated and improved upon OEM parts.

Common Industries

Water authorities.


Old Weir Flowswitch In-Situ
Old Weir Flowswitch
Weir Flowswitch Manufactured by PAR Group
Weir Flowswitch Manufactured by PAR Group

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