Case Study: Dugout Shelter Plastic

Replacement Dugout Shelter Plastic

As a premier manufacturer and supplier of engineering plastics in the UK, we take pride in our comprehensive range of plastic engineering capabilities. With our highly advanced facilities, we possess the expertise and capacity to precisely machine, fabricate, and cut plastics to meet your specific requirements. Our extensive inventory includes various engineering plastic materials, notably clear Polycarbonate. Renowned for its exceptional toughness and impact resistance, this highly durable thermoplastic offers excellent optical clarity. As a result, Polycarbonate is widely favoured for outdoor shelter units like team dugouts, bike shelters, and smoking shelters.


Due to frequent impact and exposure to harsh weather conditions, the Home/Away team dugouts of two local semi-professional football clubs suffered significant damage and discolouration. These dugouts featured curved metal frameworks with large clear plastic panels at the back and half arch-shaped side panels. Unfortunately, the original manufacturers of the dugouts were either defunct or unable to provide suitable clear plastic replacements that matched the existing design. As a result, the clubs had no choice but to undertake the costly endeavour of completely replacing the dugouts.

The Solution

Upon contacting PAR Group, the football clubs collaborated with our dedicated sales team, providing them with the dimensions of the back panels and a sample profile of the side panels. Leveraging our in-house digitising facilities and CAD software, we swiftly generated accurate drawings, enabling us to employ advanced CNC cutting technology to create a new set of panels. Our material for this project was our trusted standard Polycarbonate sheet, renowned for its exceptional UV protection on both sides. It is perfect for various residential, commercial, and industrial applications indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, we offered a branded service, incorporating Vinyl logos and distinctive HOME/AWAY labels, resulting in a remarkably professional aesthetic. The clubs expressed immense satisfaction with the replacement panels' superior quality and were particularly pleased with the significant cost savings achieved compared to purchasing from original equipment suppliers. 

Key Features

  • Significant cost saving compared to OEM.
  • Manufactured entirely in-house.
  • UV-protected polycarbonate.
  • CAD drawings created and saved for ease of future re-order.
  • Successfully replicated OEM parts.
  • Branding service provided.

Common Industries

Sports and Leisure, Local Authorities, Manufacturing, Retail.  

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A complete new set of clear plastic panels incorporating Vinyl logos.

Replacement Dugout Shelter Plastic