Case Study: Versa-chute®

Tapered Polyurethane Sleeve with Blue Flange 

Versa-chute® is a flexible, abrasion resistant chute designed for the transfer and sorting of dry foodstuffs, grain, grit, powders, wood shavings and dust and other abrasive materials. They are manufactured from a very durable, clear thermoplastic polyurethane with a fully sealed and welded seam. All our Versa-chute® products are bespoke manufactured to your specific requirements.


OEM packaging machines are typically supplied with moulded, rigid chutes as standard and replacement parts can be fabricated and welded. A UK based snack food manufacturer had an issue with rigid plastic chutes becoming cracked and worn very quickly causing several issues, predominantly the potential risk of contaminated product. Rigid chutes also became cloudy as they wore (caused by the abrasive nature of the product) which made it difficult to see the product as it was being transferred.

The Solution

At PAR we have developed the Versa-chute®, a flexible, tough and durable product for the transfer and sorting of dry foodstuffs and other abrasives. For this particular project, we were able to take a broken sample away which was then measured and drawn. We then cut the material required using our CNC profile cutting capabilities before welding it into the exact shape required to maintain product flow. Our Versa-chute® prodived a superior solution for our customer as the material does not crack, is much more wear resistant, and can be installed without dismantling the packaging machinery due to it’s flexibility. It also provided a cost saving as Versa-chute®’s require replacing less frequently than rigid plastic counterparts.

Key Features

  • Tough, durable and extremely flexible.
  • Very abrasion resistant with exceptional tear strength.
  • Food approved materials.
  • Reduces product contamination.
  • Manufactured wholly in-house.

Common Industries

Food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging bagging and production lines.


Cracked, Rigid Plastic Bagging Chute
Cracked, Rigid Plastic Bagging Chute
Flexible and Durable Versa-chute®
Flexible & Durable Versa-chute®
Take a look at the video below to see how durable our Versa-chute® is:

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