Case Study: Polypropylene Tank Cover

Polypropylene Tank Cover
We offer a design and plastic fabrication service where we form, fold, weld or bond materials in order to manufacture bespoke solutions for customer specific applications. This is completed in-house by our highly skilled workforce and specialised equipment. We are able to fabricate many different types of plastic materials such as; polycarbonate, PETG, acrylic (Perspex®), polypropylene and PVC, and can incorporate added extras to suit specific designs.


Engineers at a leading water treatment centre called PAR representatives to discuss a solution for their current failing insulation materials. The company had previous insulation installed, however, this was ineffective due it being exposed to the elements. This resulted in the products weathering quickly and falling apart. Our customer required a solution in time for the winter months where pipework could potentially freeze.

The Solution

Upon site visits our PAR representative investigated the problem. It was clear that the previous materials used where not appropriate for the application and had failed. We discussed a solution that suited our product range and manufacturing capabilities, resulting in an aluminium framework with polypropylene panels bolted to them. These where manufactured with a self-adhesive backed sponge to provide additional insulation. Finally, the pipes were properly insulated with bespoke PAR insulation jackets and blankets to prevent the pipes from damage and freezing. The job was completed by PAR in-house and installed on-site on our customer’s preferred date.

Key Features

  • Manufactured completely in-house and installed on site.
  • PAR representative visited site to get accurate dimensions.
  • Bespoke designed to customers specification.
  • Successfully insulated pipework.

Common Industries

Our fabrication and design service is used by many industries such as food, drink and pharmaceutical, water authorities, aerospace, warehousing and distribution and power generation.


Before: Previous damaged insulation wth exposed pipework.
After: PAR black polypropylene tank cover with aluminium framework  and standard insulation jackets enclosed.
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