Case Study: Containment Units

Containment Unit

Fabricated in-house, containment units are designed to prevent the risk of chemicals coming into contact with personnel or contaminating the environment should a joint become breached within a fluid transfer application. Commonly manufactured from chemical resistant PVC or PETG, our containment units can be precision manufactured to suit even the most complex applications.


Certain water treatment processes can involve the transfer of potentially hazardous chemicals which can be harmful to both personnel and the environment. For this reason, a number of mandatory safeguards are in place to help to contain potential chemical leaks including dual walled containment hose, containment units and splash screens. A leading water authority approached PAR Group after an engineer accidentally came into contact with aggressive chemicals whilst carrying out routine maintenance. As part of the maintenance task, hose and fittings had to be removed from behind a splash screen and cleaned by flushing under pressurised water. This accidentally resulted in a release of chemicals that had not fully drained from a carrier hose and unfortunately splashed the operator. PAR were asked to attend site and work with engineers to come up with a solution to mitigate risks in future.

The Solution

Utilising our 35 years of expertise in plastic fabrication, we manufactured a bespoke, portable, clear plastic containment unit. This enabled process engineers to safely enclose hose and fittings prior to removal, helping to provide a barrier to protect themselves and the environment in the event of chemical leaks. The units also incorporated handles making them easy to carry to other parts of the site. After a successful trial period, the client implemented the units across all sites making them a mandatory part of the inspection process.

Key Features

  • Bespoke manufactured as required.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Contain chemicals in the event of leaks.
  • Helps to protect the environment and personnel.

Common Industries

Chemical processing plants and water authorities.


Successfully Contained Leak
Successfully Contained Leak
Portable Containment Unit
Portable Containment Unit

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