Silicone Extrusions - Hollow Strips

Please download the PDF below for all standard hollow strip extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE1827 SE669 SE47 SE1814 SE2263 SE2667 SE1820 SE1828 SE541 SE512 SE1432 SE646 SE1872 SE639 SE1873 SE1829 SE300 0SE540 SE281 SE80 SE1945 SE1389 SE1146 SE971 SE1726 SE457 SE3356 SE2468 SE3683 SE1272 SE2032 SE801 SE1515 SE3159 SE844 SE1990 SE2899 SE1641 SE159 SE4752 SE4483 SE5278 SE3640 SE5422 SE3964 SE5478 SE5114 SE4448 SE5036 SE4357 SE612 SE4159 SE5549 SE4990 SE3431 SE4713 SE4777 SE5548 SE4675 SE4642 SE4567 SE3503 SE3980 SE5019 SE4020 SE4130 SE3956 SE4730 SE5017 SE4256 SE5188 SE4120 SE5168 SE5578 SE5659 SE5647 SE5657 SE5658 SE5723 SE5746 SE5784 SE5872 SE5882 SE5927 SE6113 SE6114 SE6195 SE6378 SE6434 SE6441 SE6529 SE6668 SE6717 SE6747 SE6903 SE5999 SE6968 SE6979 SE7000 SE7040 SE7045 SE7047 SE7050 SE7212 SE7151 SE7152 SE7153 SE7238 SE7239 SE7278 SE7378 SE7385 SE7461 SE7738 SE7749 SE7818 SE7831 SE8481 SE8482 SE8564 SE8596 SE8652 SE8729 SE8884 SE8995 SE9045 SE9058 SE9130 SE9304 SE9391

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