Silicone Inflatable Seals

Silicone Inflatable Seals

Silicone inflatable seals are manufactured from high strength FDA approved silicone. The seal is supplied deflated. When air pressure is applied, the seal expands to meet the sealing face. When the pressure is released, the seal returns to its relaxed position. All seals can be individually pressure tested and can be supplied with certification to ensure complete traceability if required. Please download the PDF below for all standard inflatable seal extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request. 

Inflatable seals are supplied with a V-34 valve manufactured from stainless steel with an M10 thread as standard. Please refer to the 'Valves for Silicone Inflatable Seals' PDF below for more information. We also offer a range of other valves that are outlined on pages 2 and 3.

If the seal you require is not one of our standards below, please provide us with the following information:

  • A sample of the seal required (if possible).
  • A dimensional drawing showing the seal you require (including radius corners etc).
  • Details regarding the inflation direction.
  • Type of valve required.
  • Quantity required.


Door seals within the powder handling, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour available upon request.
Valve Type: V-34 (M10 thread) as standard. Others available, see PDF below.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE2042 SE4537 SE3975 SE837 SE3500 SE3729 SE3151 SE1984 SE3301 SE1931 SE3113 SE2816 SE2464 SE2465 SE2643 SE3172 SE3079 SE1993 SE493 SE396 SE3030 SE2128 SE4117 SE4169 SE4032 SE2330 SE4331 SE4312 SE2480 SE3925 SE1398 SE3813 SE2026 SE2668 SE4234 SE4009 SE3824 SE2207 SE2881 SE2023 SE2382 SE3105 SE2417 SE2416 SE2672 SE2792 SE4064 SE2564 SE3326 SE2274 SE3063 SE2268 SE3320 SE3906 SE3216 SE393 SE3560 SE2182 SE2063 SE4194 SE2066 SE2068 SE2733 SE3425 SE3166 SE3385 SE3999 SE1356 SE2058 SE4137 SE3426 SE2557 SE3336 SE1733 SE2106 SE1650 SE2223 SE4055 SE1649 SE2227 SE2130 SE2150 SE2565 SE2158 SE4133 SE3210 SE2179 SE4058 SE2157 SE1067 SE3037 SE4257 SE1674 SE3277 SI101 SI102 SI103 SI104 SI105 SI107 SI108 SI109 SI110 SI111 SI114 SI116 SI117 SI117EXT SI118 SI121 SI122 SI123 SI126 SI131 SI132 SI133 SI135b SI136 SI137 SI139 SI140 SI141 SI145 SI146 SI147 SI148 SI151 SI152 SI157 SI160 SI161 SI162 SE4641 SE5112 SE4188 SE4804 SE5284 SE4826 SE5066 SE5350 SE5351 SE5086 SE5075 SE5074 SE4926 SE5524 SE5012 SE4925 SE4946 SE5457 SE4933 SE4931 SE5417 SE5004 SE5219 SE4612 SE3113 SE4609 SE4955 SE5509 SE5098 SE5190 SE5408 SE5566 SE5592 SE5712 SE5833 SE5839 SE5858 SE5875 SE5879 SE5886 SE5903 SE5934 SE6000 SE6036 SE6046 SE6086 SE6104 SE6108 SE6164 SE6174 SE6193 SE6363 SE6414 SE6490 SE6629 SE6687 SE6696 SE6769 SE6781 SE6788 SE6845 SE6910 SE6950 SE6958 SE7056 SE7145 SE7150 SE7305 SE7440 SE7471 SE7472 SE7479 SE7480 SE7528 SE7617 SE7694 SE7727 SE7772 SE7773 SE7815 SE7901 SE7982 SE8116 SE8124 SE8150 SE8195 SE8380 SE8388 SE8484 SE8510 SE8651 SE8654 SE8693 SE8705 SE8731 SE8760 SE8815 SE8816 SE8822 SE8856 SE8857 SE9000 SE9088 SE7834 SE9169 SE9220 SE9226 SE9295 SE9343