Silicone Extrusions - U Channels (Medium)

Please download the PDF below for all standard u channel (medium) extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF's show profiles for the following product codes

SE3013 SE2882 SE1141 SE2108 SE1913 SE2527 SE3106 SE1037 SE1355 SE3238 SE1491 SE3856 SE1375 SE2396 SE1980 SE3315 SE3860 SE158 SE3041 SE2419 SE2435 SE3058 SE2432 SE2126 SE2675 SE2964 SE2174 SE2324 SE2691 SE3518 SE792 SE2318 SE1417 SE2875 SE3125 SE3531 SE3154 SE1469 SE1508 SE3492 SE2884 SE3139 SE1096 SE1449 SE1490 SE3181 SE1905 SE1792 SE1644 SE2395 SE1684 SE1590 SE2754 SE2753 SE561 SE3744 SE1594 SE3669 SE1766 SE3733 SE3593 SE2821 SE1603 SE1769 SE1642 SE3673 SE2702 SE1613 SE2819 SE3684 SE3708 SE1696 SE1967 SE3741 SE2604 SE1623 SE1277 SE1343 SE2587 SE2529 SE2572 SE1903 SE1160 SE1664 SE1320 SE3124 SE2341 SE3006 SE3837 SE3838 SE2577 SE1595 SE1721 SE1910 SE3703 SE1728 SE1942 SE4517 SE4902 SE4571 SE5505 SE5125 SE5483 SE3963 SE5484 SE4186 SE5223 SE5229 SE3125 SE5176 SE5391 SE5222 SE5041 SE4513 SE4479  SE3668 SE4464 SE4495 SE3900 SE4587 SE4572 SE4881 SE4882 SE4167 SE4890 SE5390 SE5202 SE5132 SE5206 SE5464 SE5234 SE5403 SE5317 SE3675 SE5255 SE5384 SE5161 SE2675 SE5437 SE5442 SE5214 SE4321 SE3598 SE3602 SE5014 SE4281 SE4203 SE4380 SE3974 SE4052 SE5013 SE5000 SE4104 SE4306 SE4075 SE4113 SE4989 SE4402 SE4051 SE4419 SE4975 SE4155 SE4028 SE4441 SE4299 SE4959 SE4953 SE4213 SE4960 SE4939 SE4102 SE4252 SE4846 SE5034 SE4212 SE4733 SE3814 SE3753 SE4131 SE3768 SE4762 SE4869 SE3815 SE4184 SE3966 SE4501 SE4403 SE4695 SE4166 SE4690 SE4679 SE4799 SE4656 SE4617 SE4836 SE4729 SE4785 SE5429 SE5200 SE5028 SE5030 SE4630 SE5638 SE5637 SE5626 SE5557 SE5575 SE5594 SE5576 SE5683 SE5682 SE5699 SE5760 SE5779 SE5719 SE5782 SE5793 SE5799 SE5804 SE5809 SE5824 SE5831 SE5846 SE5850 SE5853 SE5912 SE5920 SE5921 SE5929 SE5943 SE6040 SE6041 SE6042 SE6048 SE6072 SE6073 SE6080 SE6007 SE6031 SE6154 SE6178 SE6205 SE6219 SE6236 SE6278 SE6316 SE6368 SE6377 SE6395 SE6396 SE6403 SE6478 SE6544 SE6563 SE6566 SE6587 SE6602 SE6605 SE6608 SE6620 SE6622 SE6653 SE6683 SE6708 SE6713 SE6752 SE6804 SE6809 SE6836 SE6850 SE6853 SE6858 SE6872 SE6879 SE6894 SE6901 SE6998 SE7030 SE7061 SE7089 SE7093 SE7107 SE7118 SE7132 SE7140 SE7184 SE7209 SE7233 SE7240 SE7245 SE7281 SE7295 SE7302 SE7303 SE7316 SE7324 SE7325 SE7357 SE7369 SE7370 SE7374 SE7395 SE7405 SE7427 SE7444 SE7478 SE7556 SE7559 SE7594 SE7598 SE7614 SE7636 SE7581 SE7667 SE7668 SE7682 SE7706 SE7731 SE7739 SE7741 SE7766 SE7767 SE7768 SE7797 SE7801 SE7817 SE7824 SE7830 SE7843 SE7849 SE7866 SE7875 SE7882 SE7886 SE7893 SE7905 SE7953 SE7985 SE8012 SE8053 SE8076 SE8087 SE8092 SE8125 SE8108 SE8115 SE8168 SE8179 SE8202 SE8229 SE8234 SE8259 SE8261 SE8305 SE8308 SE8309 SE8310 SE8311 SE8321 SE8334 SE8351 SE8358 SE8446 SE8456 SE8457 SE8558 SE8568 SE8611 SE8619 SE8640 SE8660 SE8663 SE8709 SE8828 SE8861 SE8863 SE8872 SE8877 SE8898 SE8953 SE8962 SE9016 SE9017 SE9022 SE9023 SE9051 SE9075 SE9076 SE9125 SE9144 SE9146 SE9179 SE9184 SE9189 SE9193 SE9209 SE9224 SE9245 SE9250 SE9255 SE9276 SE9282 SE9289 SE9290 SE9297 SE9298 SE9351 SE9362 SE9364

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