Silicone Extrusions - Trapeze Sections

Please download the PDF below for all standard trapeze section extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE2653 SE1337 SE1336 SE2794 SE2993 SE691 SE1429 SE2917 SE600 SE1842 SE1628 SE2914 SE2656 SE341 SE342 SE2898 SE726 SE3727 SE1823 SE1858 SE831 SE3406 SE460 SE3407 SE1750 SE441 SE3409 SE2722 SE1749 SE529 SE1907 SE2803 SE3408 SE476 SE2822 SE2764 SE1345 SE3624 SE1673 SE391 SE834 SE1956 SE3509 SE78 SE3088 SE2118 SE2410 SE1100 SE2294 SE1332 SE3278 SE182 SE3924 SE2232 SE1977 SE862 SE1167 SE950 SE1941 SE954 SE874 SE1314 SE3928 SE3161 SE1539 SE1372 SE1371 SE1763 SE1897 SE2855 SE314 SE82 SE1487 SE1534 SE3275 SE3279 SE881 SE2523 SE3046 SE967 SE2083 SE1039 SE416 SE5029 SE2200 SE5367 SE4555 SE3971 SE5334 SE5337 SE2521 SE4491 SE5329 SE4583 SE5532 SE4346 SE5314 SE4665 SE4342 SE5236 SE4238 SE4414 SE5105 SE5099 SE5104 SE4072 SE5330 SE5619 SE5622 SE5635 SE5739 SE5854 SE5910 SE5928 SE5973 SE6118 SE6151 SE6166 SE6189 SE6220 SE6276 SE6322 SE6349 SE6359 SE6488 SE6542 SE6583 SE6595 SE6604 SE6726 SE6758 SE6790 SE6823 SE6890 SE6897 SE6913 SE6922 SE6924 SE7037 SE7065 SE7254 SE7294 SE7533 SE7620 SE7700 SE7708 SE7719 SE7726 SE7745 SE7840 SE7850 SE7880 SE7906 SE7997 SE8043 SE8062 SE8063 SE8064 SE8098 SE8227 SE8279 SE8345 SE8391 SE8397 SE8408 SE8422 SE8509 SE8615 SE8860 SE8873 SE8912 SE9027 SE9079 SE9151 SE9207 SE9214 SE9222 SE9320

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