Silicone Extrusions - U Channels (Small)

Please download the PDF below for all standard u channel (small) extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF's show profiles for the following product codes

SE1135 SE1598 SE102 SE2407 SE98 SE3267 SE96 SE94 SE1220 SE2284 SE1053 SE1671 SE487 SE2298 SE2100 SE1134 SE2303 SE2285 SE1633 SE1636 SE3153 SE2272 SE2260 SE552 SE2186 SE1670 SE1177 SE840 SE308 SE2362 SE1001 SE1717 SE84 SE3253 SE2379 SE1192 SE1183 SE2752 SE104 SE1216 SE3070 SE2147 SE61 SE2155 SE1166 SE2344 SE2142 SE2750 SE2413 SE2098 SE108 SE2099 SE3120 SE2143 SE1707 SE3066 SE171 SE170 SE2476 SE149 SE2041 SE2040 SE931 SE1224 SE162 SE952 SE2466 SE470 SE2050 SE2080 SE1240 SE3886 SE1715 SE2526 SE2436 SE1286 SE484 SE925 SE2089 SE185 SE1239 SE920 SE2326 SE1407 SE2170 SE509 SE569 SE560 SE2180 SE54 SE2187 SE562 SE2190 SE1079 SE146 SE2193 SE2824 SE933 SE1570 SE477 SE1267 SE1244 SE1706 SE3337 SE1248 SE2057 SE2497 SE609 SE1241 SE1081 SE616 SE2718 SE1329 SE2571 SE1310 SE1961 SE1324 SE615 SE1319 SE2546 SE3387 SE865 SE894 SE1333 SE1317 SE661 SE326 SE1495 SE718 SE3774 SE3510 SE350 SE1488 SE1480 SE712 SE1466 SE1400 SE1724 SE850 SE1304 SE1731 SE1303 SE3396 SE1328 SE205 SE210 SE203 SE1954 SE200 SE199 SE3583 SE1323 SE2659 SE1300 SE3372 SE1738 SE389 SE3399 SE1331 SE1949 SE1330 SE1946 SE892 SE1723 SE626 SE2999 SE1430 SE359 SE2623 SE1297 SE766 SE1369 SE2631 SE824 SE1361 SE830 SE435 SE436 SE287 SE306 SE289 SE1428 SE652 SE417 SE650 SE1413 SE789 SE1395 SE1865 SE3723 SE1866 SE302 SE1322 SE2618 SE693 SE2912 SE2655 SE1840 SE1443 SE2620 SE346 SE2682 SE3536 SE684 SE1519 SE3755 SE1746 SE376 SE1870 SE357 SE697 SE325 SE370 SE703 SE3748 SE3520 SE3770 SE1813 SE2876 SE1893 SE1394 SE689 SE4273 SE2195 SE5456 SE4385 SE4296 SE5018 SE5007 SE4291 SE5009 SE5490 SE4325 SE4070 SE4157 SE4021 SE4279 SE4966 SE4416 SE5420 SE4957 SE3997 SE5128 SE4476 SE4219 SE4475 SE5395 SE3985 SE4488 SE4224 SE4129 SE4549 SE4633 SE5340 SE5181 SE4589 SE3962 SE5341 SE4595 SE5339 SE5343 SE4702 SE5185 SE4635 SE4162 SE5191 SE5280 SE4144 SE4844 SE3850 SE3851 SE5195 SE4723 SE3808 SE4798 SE5172 SE5275 SE4749 SE4779 SE4780 SE4794 SE4482 SE5348 SE4879 SE5573 SE5580 SE5653 SE5677 SE5663 SE5691 SE5778 SE5756 SE5736 SE5785 SE5810 SE5834 SE5907 SE5933 SE5939 SE5948 SE5978 SE5993 SE6069 SE6123 SE6133 SE6198 SE6200 SE6224 SE6258 SE6342 SE6364 SE6416 SE6425 SE6449 SE6454 SE6507 SE6510 SE6519 SE6520 SE6536 SE6541 SE6626 SE6627 SE6680 SE6760 SE6959 SE7001 SE7025 SE7068 SE7117 SE7121 SE7141 SE7271 SE7291 SE7323 SE7387 SE7421 SE7428 SE7477 SE7485 SE7599 SE7600 SE7724 SE7733 SE7752 SE7776 SE7779 SE7828 SE7832 SE7852 SE7878 SE7889 SE7926 SE7932 SE7949 SE7996 SE8002 SE8009 SE8015 SE8027 SE8029 SE8030 SE8033 SE8047 SE8072 SE8088 SE8101 SE8123 SE8126 SE8135 SE8136 SE8137 SE8140 SE8294 SE8399 SE8485 SE8496 SE8502 SE8506 SE8508 SE8552 SE8567 SE8625 SE8692 SE8706 SE8724 SE8751 SE8821 SE8826 SE8838 SE8858 SE8921 SE8987 SE8988 SE9019 SE9044 SE9299 SE9324

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