Silicone Extrusions - Solid D-Sections

Please download the PDF below for all standard solid d-section extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (Minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE3357 SE2356 SE2996 SE3003 SE1350 SE2353 SE571 SE1315 SE3421 SE2357 SE3019 SE1370 SE2968 SE3702 SE866 SE864 SE137 SE2990 SE1133 SE1422 SE2513 SE2000 SE3728 SE2487 SE1233 SE2333 SE2361 SE2530 SE3001 SE2331 SE2793 SE2532 SE842 SE446 SE2358 SE2189 SE572 SE3067 SE2359 SE1640 SE1129 SE2829 SE1 SE1477 SE415 SE2888 SE1615 SE1978 SE3078 SE1201 SE73 SE1522 SE2547 SE2867 SE466 SE1592 SE368 SE1474 SE1966 SE3334 SE1573 SE1584 SE945 SE492 SE2185 SE3927 SE796 SE2188 SE365 SE2461 SE486 SE2307 SE2036 SE2315 SE1023 SE2579 SE3781 SE1699 SE976 SE2746 SE3480 SE2489 SE2590 SE2580 SE2267 SE2651 SE1847 SE2102 SE2091 SE1894 SE215 SE295 SE1657 SE1752 SE3144 SE2788 SE2593 SE3284 SE1760 SE2390 SE590 SE742 SE2714 SE3592 SE2293 SE695 SE1677 SE124 SE2633 SE723 SE275 SE1869 SE1771 SE496 SE690 SE989 SE2430 SE2262 SE3215 SE2606 SE1789 SE2412 SE3424 SE916 SE2033 SE3740 SE2929 SE3162 SE3655 SE2634 SE2928 SE2087 SE2632 SE521 SE230 SE1879 SE229 SE1648 SE629 SE2109 SE23 SE2697 SE1778 SE279 SE710 SE278 SE2438 SE1890 SE4490 SE4253 SE4280 SE4225 SE4243 SE4379 SE4326 SE4404 SE4316 SE3746 SE4406 SE4407 SE4561 SE4461 SE4431 SE4478 SE4336 SE4473 SE4335 SE5636 SE5620 SE5454 SE5477 SE5400 SE5256 SE5274 SE5564 SE5232 SE5237 SE5579 SE5230 SE5636 SE5620 SE5729 SE5752 SE5815 SE5838 SE5840 SE5889 SE5918 SE6321 SE5955 SE5971 SE5992 SE6015 SE6074 SE6105 SE6117 SE6146 SE6239 SE6252 SE6336 SE6358 SE6411 SE6431 SE6471 SE6472 SE6484 SE6521 SE6535 SE6579 SE6599 SE6666 SE6677 SE6688 SE6785 SE6822 SE6826 SE6829 SE6915 SE6980 SE6990 SE7007 SE7023 SE7026 SE7028 SE7035 SE7063 SE7101 SE7131 SE7135 SE7196 SE7197 SE7220 SE7307 SE7373 SE7469 SE7470 SE7474 SE7489 SE7579 SE7628 SE7632 SE7676 SE7705 SE7711 SE7734 SE7751 SE7762 SE7799 SE7822 SE7827 SE7838 SE7845 SE7871 SE7877 SE7879 SE7894 SE7895 SE7948 SE7991 SE8000 SE8001 SE8049 SE8089 SE8146 SE8192 SE8207 SE8219 SE8221 SE8244 SE8251 SE8313 SE8335 SE8379 SE8443 SE8464 SE8471 SE8486 SE8491 SE8586 SE8622 SE8636 SE8661 SE8725 SE8755 SE8756 SE8829 SE8833 SE8846 SE8878 SE8891 SE8903 SE8906 SE8927 SE8928 SE8978 SE8998 SE9012 SE9026 SE9046 SE9089 SE9158 SE9166 SE9204 SE9210 SE9275 SE9376 SE9383

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