Silicone Extrusions - T-Sections

Silicone Extrusions - T-Sections

PAR Group supply various silicone extruded T-sections and mushroom profiles commonly used for heat sealing on packaging machines. Please download the PDF below for all standard T-section extrusions available. When enquiring, please state the relevant product code. A larger range of profiles can be manufactured upon request.


Coil Length (mtrs): 10 (minimum order quantity).*
Colours: White (as standard), any RAL colour available upon request.

*Manufactured to order in a minimum of 10 metres to almost any length.

Product Codes:

The above PDF shows profiles for the following product codes

SE1602 SE2337 SE2199 SE1062 SE2323 SE2738 SE3202 SE3656 SE2177 SE2208 SE1604 SE1936 SE3660 SE3932 SE1692 SE3122 SE3016 SE1189 SE889 SE645 SE1070 SE3633 SE3715 SE3670 SE1948 SE1950 SE3230 SE3695 SE1711 SE2149 SE3645 SE1755 SE1960 SE3907 SE1705 SE567 SE2801 SE3942 SE856 SE527 SE2209 SE2282 SE227 SE619 SE3005 SE3829 SE2735 SE2992 SE1353 SE3562 SE1354 SE3558 SE228 SE2854 SE1358 SE433 SE3235 SE3568 SE2365 SE3089 SE1031 SE3379 SE1906 SE407 SE3229 SE2553 SE651 SE2376 SE3731 SE1968 SE2740 SE3732 SE618 SE1198 SE617 SE1200 SE398 SE397 SE2703 SE2383 SE2121 SE2397 SE696 SE226 SE3148 SE1264 SE602 SE2081 SE2681 SE2093 SE174 SE2910 SE1862 SE3316 SE2953 SE164 SE3842 SE2017 SE3036 SE2014  SE169 SE934 SE305 SE3015 SE3458 SE3349 SE3900 SE1969 SE1529 SE3771 SE1009 SE2679 SE2885 SE1891 SE1509 SE1793 SE3835 SE1852 SE388 SE3517 SE2683 SE1222 SE2624 SE994 SE3007 SE3364 SE2551 SE2283 SE1468 SE344 SE304 SE2897 SE2029 SE746 SE3885 SE3304 SE175 SE2354 SE310 SE491 SE871 SE592 SE3220 SE2995 SE2352 SE542 SE3591 SE2994 SE1235 SE784 SE1853 SE895 SE1854 SE2932 SE3032 SE1532 SE1878 SE3494 SE3276 SE301 SE3292 SE3880 SE1397 SE3011 SE198 SE2452 SE2019 SE2053 SE1851 SE2665 SE4889 SE4789 SE4776 SE5259 SE4217 SE5270 SE5073 SE4772 SE4905 SE4904 SE5153 SE4954 SE5266 SE4843 SE5003 SE4787 SE5262 SE4958 SE5226 SE5276 SE5257 SE4997 SE5406 SE5258 SE5122 SE5072 SE4832 SE4745 SE3761 SE4820 SE4813 SE4788 SE4807 SE5158 SE5050 SE4720 SE5302 SE4716 SE5285 SE3551 SE4892 SE4891 SE4906 SE5299 SE5035 SE5301 SE5300 SE3818 SE4922 SE3659 SE5149 SE5407 SE5134 SE4985 SE4884 SE5183 SE4901 SE4324 SE4359 SE4119 SE4681 SE4022 SE4420 SE4671 SE5321 SE4636 SE4662 SE4038 SE5312 SE4176 SE4037 SE5421 SE4332 SE5362 SE4597 SE5419 SE4427 SE4057 SE4582 SE4586 SE4434 SE5358 SE4551 SE5447 SE4216 SE3957 SE4554 SE5493 SE4456 SE4115 SE4231 SE5504 SE5503 SE4503 SE4564 SE4557 SE5502 SE4271 SE4255 SE5488 SE4487 SE3973 SE4390 SE4389 SE4268 SE4080 SE5492 SE4288 SE5405 SE4471 SE5401 SE5397 SE4457 SE3987 SE5585 SE3380 SE0327T SE0453T SE0564T SE0454T SE0690T SE0878T SE4754 SE5558 SE5285 SE5604 SE5607 SE5641 SE5615 SE5621 SE5629 SE5614 SE5639 SE5648 SE5652 SE5654 SE5662 SE5664 SE5698 SE5701 SE5687 SE5777 SE5748 SE5772 SE5749 SE5721 SE5805 SE5816 SE5826 SE5827 SE5830 SE5832 SE5848 SE5897 SE5904 SE5905 SE5917 SE5922 SE5958 SE6018 SE6067 SE6068 SE6087 SE6132 SE6134 SE6158 SE6159 SE6172 SE6191 SE6197 SE6209 SE6211 SE6235 SE3601 SE6253 SE6260 SE6309 SE6337 SE6344 SE6361 SE6365 SE6366 SE6392 SE6402 SE6409 SE6435 SE6464 SE6465 SE6504 SE6509 SE6549 SE6556 SE6564 SE6569 SE6572 SE6576 SE6667 SE6689 SE6690 SE6701 SE6697 SE6698 SE6699 SE6709 SE6711 SE6712 SE6721 SE6725 SE6745 SE6701 SE6757 SE6759 SE6767 SE6782 SE6787 SE6835 SE6837 SE6839 SE6840 SE6846 SE6847 SE6851 SE6852 SE6855 SE6860 SE6861 SE6862 SE6863 SE6864 SE6865 SE6866 SE6867 SE6868 SE6869 SE6880 SE6887 SE6939 SE6940 SE6947 SE6948 SE6981 SE6982 SE6986 SE7034 SE7051 SE7053 SE7079 SE7084 SE7086 SE7087 SE7103 SE7105 SE7125 SE7126 SE7133 SE7136 SE7139 SE7144 SE7156 SE7162 SE7171 SE7195 SE7203 SE7251 SE7266 SE7275 SE7288 SE7293 SE7309 SE7310 SE7335 SE7336 SE7338 SE7346 SE7356 SE7371 SE7372 SE7391 SE7432 SE7493 SE7502 SE7574 SE7580 SE7606 SE7609 SE7619 SE7622 SE7623 SE7655 SE7664 SE7675 SE7679 SE7701 SE7702 SE7720 SE7723 SE7754 SE7763 SE7764 SE7777 SE7780 SE7807 SE7814 SE7829 SE7867 SE7868 SE7884 SE7900 SE7903 SE7904 SE7916 SE7918 SE7920 SE7921 SE7946 SE7955 SE7981 SE7993 SE8013 SE8028 SE8058 SE8068 SE8069 SE8099 SE8100 SE8127 SE8144 SE8165 SE8166 SE8170 SE8209 SE8220 SE8246 SE8247 SE8253 SE8277 SE8285 SE8288 SE8299 SE8316 SE8327 SE8338 SE8342 SE8355 SE8372 SE8395 SE8398 SE8409 SE8415 SE8417 SE8428 SE8435 SE8459 SE8461 SE8462 SE8472 SE8497 SE8530 SE8537 SE8551 SE8554 SE8556 SE8557 SE8570 SE8575 SE8587 SE8588 SE8609 SE8616 SE8617 SE8647 SE8649 SE8653 SE8662 SE8665 SE8666 SE8667 SE8684 SE8701 SE8727 SE8825 SE8862 SE8866 SE8880 SE8883 SE8888 SE8895 SE8909 SE8913 SE8916 SE8938 SE8951 SE8961 SE8996 SE9011 SE9013 SE9018 SE9020 SE9039 SE9064 SE9081 SE9110 SE9138 SE9141 SE9160 SE9168 SE9238 SE9254 SE9257 SE9284 SE9294 SE9347 SE9358 SE9368 SE9374 SE9382 SE9384 SE9389 SE9396 SE9405

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