Silicone 'Corona Treater' Rubber Sleeves

Silicone Treater Rubber



Silicone 'Corona Treater' rubber sleeves are non-conductive and are manufactured to exacting tolerances.

Applications: Roller sleeves, transfer of light abrasives. Commonly used with 'Corona Treaters' within the polythene and printing industry.


Product Code Inside Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Availability
STR45ID 45 (± 3mm) 2.4 (± 0.2mm) Made to order
STR76ID 76 (± 3mm) 2.4 (± 0.2mm) Made to order
STR96ID 96 (± 3mm) 2.4 (± 0.2mm) Stock
STR138ID 138 (± 3mm) 2.4 (± 0.2mm) Made to order
STR145ID 145 (± 3mm) 2.4 (± 0.2mm) Made to order

Note: Other sizes are available upon request.

Manufactured in 10 metre lengths as standard, other lengths are available upon request.

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet