Mirrored Plastic Sheet

Mirrored Plastic Sheet

Mirrored plastic sheet is manufactured from a premium grade of acrylic that has a highly reflective, smooth mirrored surface on one side. As with standard acrylic sheet, the mirrored alternative offers good resistance to chemicals and ultraviolet light. It is also lightweight, flexible and is easy to machine, cut, drill and polish. 

This material is commonly used as an alternative to glass mirrors as it is half the weight and provides much greater impact resistance. Mirrored acrylic sheet is also shatter resistant and can be used in industrial or household applications where safety is of primary importance.

Mirrored plastic sheet may warp if exposed to damp or moist environments for prolonged periods, so it is recommended that the mirror is fixed to a hard, flat surface. It is available to purchase online at PAR Direct by clicking the 'buy online' link above.


Primarily used in schools, nurseries, horse stables, gymnasiums, hospitals, prisons, automobiles, bathrooms, kitchens and gardens as a shatter resistant mirror.

Key Features

  • Temperature: up to +88°C.
  • Greater impact strength in comparison to glass mirrors.
  • Shatterproof, lightweight and flexible.
  • Applied in a wide range of household and industrial environments.
  • Easily installed and machined.


Product Code Sheet Size (mm) Sheet Thickness (mm)
MIAC-2440X1220-3 2440 x 1220 3

Technical Specification:

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