Vyon® Breathable Plastic Sheet

Vyon® Breathable Plastic Sheet

Food Approved Product


Vyon® breathable plastic sheet is manufactured from sintered high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet and is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical applications. It is porous when used on either side and has a uniform pore structure giving an even total area fluidisation. It is self-supporting due to its semi-rigid nature, thereby reducing the need for the external support structures that are required with canvas and felt media. It is easy to cut and all grades below are FDA approved.

Utilising in house plastic fabrication facilities PAR have the capability to manufacture cones, hoppers and chutes using Vyon® materials. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Temperature: -70°C to +80°C

Key Features: Vyon® is made with a controlled and consistent distribution of pores throughout and does not stretch or flex during use, ensuring uniform flow. Unlike canvas and felt, Vyon® does not shed fibres, therefore ideally suited for food and pharmaceutical applications. It is manufactured from ultra clean, USP Class VI approved raw materials that will not adversely contaminate the powder being fluidised. Naturally hydrophobic, it acts as a moisture barrier to help prevent the transfer of moisture when using factory compressed air supplies. Naturally chemically inert, HDPE exhibits broad chemical compatibility. Can be easily welded to itself or non-porous plastics, to form larger sheets or aeration cones, either during manufacture or on a customer's site. Can be effectively cleaned in situ by either washing or by back flushing.

Applications: Fluidising beds, filtration, aeration, separation, venting, hoppers, linings, chutes and cones. Food and pharmaceutical - sugar, flour, milk powder, paracetamol, vitamins. Industrial and construction – cement, gypsum, soda/fly ash, coal dust. Chemical and plastics - titanium dioxide, carbon black, calcium carbonate, epoxy and polyester paint powders, polyethylene powder.


Vyon® Grade Sheet Size (mm) Sheet Thickness (mm)
- - 0.75 1 1.5 2 2.5 3.2 4.75 6
Vyon® D 1000 x 750 - - - - - * * *
Vyon® F 1000 x 1000 * * * * * * * *
Vyon® F 1000 x 750 - - - - - - - *
Vyon® HP 1000 x 1000 - - - * * * * *
Vyon® HP 1000 x 750 - - - - - - - *

*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Please note: We also have the capability to join sheets if a larger sheet size is required. 

Technical Specification:

Technical specification varies depending on the grade and thickness.

Vyon® D - 3.2mm Vyon® F - 0.75mm Vyon® HP - 2mm
Vyon® D - 4.75mm Vyon® F - 1mm Vyon® HP - 2.5mm
Vyon® D - 6mm Vyon® F - 1.5mm Vyon® HP - 3.2mm
  Vyon® F - 2mm Vyon® HP - 4.75mm
  Vyon® F - 2.5mm Vyon® HP - 6mm
  Vyon® F - 3.2mm  
  Vyon® F - 4.75mm  
  Vyon® F - 6mm