Neoprene Rubber Gaskets - BS2752

Neoprene Rubber Gaskets - BS2752 

Neoprene BS 2752 rubber gaskets are cut from a high quality, synthetic gasket material that is manufactured in accordance with British Standard 2752. The material is wholly polychloroprene and provides improved resistance to temperatures, greater elongation at break and better tensile strength when compared to standard neoprene rubber gaskets. BS 2752 gaskets are a popular option in external sealing applications as they maintain their flexibility over a broad temperature range and provide good chemical stability.

PAR Group can supply standard flange, picture frame, dovetail and bespoke gaskets to meet your requirements using in-house CNC machinery. If you require help on how to accurately measure your gasket, see our guide on ‘How to Measure a Gasket’.

Key Features

  • Shore Hardness: 40°, 50°, 60°, 70° and 80°.
  • Temperature: -30°C up to +120°C.
  • Complies with BS2752.
  • 100% polychloroprene (CR) compound.
  • Good tensile strength, elongation at break and abrasion resistance.


  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 2752 for chloroprene rubber compounds used in general purpose applications.


Shore Hardness (°): 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.
Thickness (mm): 0.5*, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 6.
Gaskets: Standard flange gaskets, bespoke picture frame or dovetail gaskets available.
For bespoke enquiries please send dimensional drawings.

* 0.5mm thickness unavailable in 50°, 70° and 80° shore hardness.

 Technical Specification: